The Obergon Chronicles  
Did our Ancestors come from a Planet in the Sirius Tri-Star System?

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The Obergon Chronicles contains stories that involve:

  • Extraterrestrials (ETs)
  • A Planet in the Sirius Star System - Obergon!
  • Earth's Hidden History
  • Mind Control
  • New Age Channels
  • The New World Order
  • and More!
From the Prologue...
By the time you have read all the Obergon Chronicles, the Lessons for the Children of Obergon, and the Awakening Prose, you will realize that the book you have been reading has turned into a different thing altogether. Just when you are beginning to feel comfortable with the information that is being presented, the book makes a light-speed change and begins connecting the stories from ancient times to the present day. This is done to help you understand that the characters in the Chronicles may very well be walking the earth today. In fact… you may be one of the Children of Obergon!

  • The first part of the book reads like a science fiction novel
  • The second part reads like "channeled" messages from ascended masters
  • Parts three and four consists of a series of self-contained articles


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